Nutritional Tip: Don’t Drink Soda Pop!

Don't drink soda pop!The worst kind of sugar, in my opinion, is high fructose corn syrup, which is now the most common sugar added to processed foods.

Over the past 30 years, the amount of corn syrup consumed in America has risen from one-half pound per person annually, to 62 pounds per person.  Almost all of this is corn syrup that’s been added to processed foods.  This increase accounts for almost 250 extra calories per person each day, which is enough to add approximately one pound of body fat every 12 days. OUCH!!!!!!

One of the worst things about corn syrup is that it isn’t as effective as regular sugar at shutting off the brain’s appetite control mechanisms due to its largely artificial composition.

The brain doesn’t fully recognize corn syrup as sugar, so people who eat it keep feeling hungry, even after they’ve consumed it.

One of the most common current sources of this corn syrup is soda pop, which people are drinking far too much of these days. Over the past 30 years, annual soda consumption has increased from about 25 gallons per person to approximately 50 gallons. One reason people are probably drinking more is because modern soda isn’t as effective at triggering satiety as the old-fashioned, real-sugar soda was.

Bottom line: Don’t Drink Soda Pop.

It’s garbage—empty calories that do not even satisfy you.

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