Learn Pink’s Secrets of Staying in Rockstar Shape!

Get the recipe for the super shake that keeps the singer rockin’ away, day to day!We’d start with an 11-Day HolistiCleanse™. That really sets the tone for your fitness experience. It basically recalibrates your taste buds and metabolism, as well as setting the slate and tone for the hard work ahead. Read more about how Pink stays in rockstar shape in Greg’s exclusive interview with Shape Magazine.

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  1. Karen Aguilar
    Karen Aguilar June 6, 2014 at 5:51 pm | | Reply

    Dear Gregory,

    I will love to have somebody like you in Mexico (I think we need it), anyway recently i have found in the internet a webpage (http://popworkouts.com/pink-workout/), which says a lot of things about Pink´s workout routines and diet, personally i admire her she has an incredible body, strenght and flexibility and i will love to have a little bit of it. So I download the routine and diet and i´m ready to do it. My question is should i do it? i mean i dont have the same activities that she has, i´m working in an office 5 days a week and i do swimming 3 day a week or what do you suggest? a little bit of help will be appreciated.



    1. Ketty Joujon-Roche
      Ketty Joujon-Roche June 14, 2014 at 2:28 am | | Reply

      Hi ,

      So this workout was sliced together from my book and not specifically related to Alecia’s work out .

      Depending on what type of goal your looking for .

      1. If you just want to drop some weight and only have the three days per week . You should focus on your diet and stick to the swimming or a longer cardio session.

      2. For some muscle tone the first work out os good actually both are good it just depends on what you want to achieve .

      My biggest advice is keep it simple so you commit to it . Just focus on cardio and diet for two weeks , then shift if you feel you r body wants that .

      Hope that helps

      Sure put me on a plane Mexico here I come.

      All the best in health

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