Biography: Gregory Joujon-Roche

Gregory Joujon-RocheBiography

In the ever-evolving world of holistic health and well being, multi-faceted fitness genius Gregory Joujon-Roche is now offering his singular brand of superstar treatment to one and all. He’s the million dollar man of body sculpting who whipped up the master plans to bulk up Brad Pitt to “ab-solutely” rule in “Troy” and prepare Pierce Brosnan to personify Bond…“James Bond.” Greg got Gisele Bundchen Victoria’s Secret HOT and tuned up Tobey Maguire to swing into stunning metamorphosis as “Spiderman.” Now, Greg is bringing his titanic trinity of highly personalized exercise program, nutrition for winners and life affirming mental clarity within the grasp of all men and women ready to take it. The avid world traveler considers this richly fulfilling work his personal mission to “Holistify” the planet via the latest campaigns from his company, Holistic Fitness.

“Every choice is an act of self-definition,” Greg states. “Holistic gets you in touch with who you are and what you are capable of.”

Gregory Joujon-Roche is the author of the dynamic self-improvement book One Body, One Life: Six Weeks to the New You, a succinct yet powerful ‘Body Bible’ that integrates Greg’s vast knowledge in multiple fitness disciplines to usher faithful users onto the holistic path of a rejuvenated self. His primary area of emphasis is the strong connection between body and mind. The book selling out its initial two pressings led to Greg’s appointments as Health Supervisor on Good Morning America’s “America Takes It Off” campaign on ABC-TV, and as Lead Writer for MSNBC’s The Fit List.

Greg also called upon his growing expertise in the nutrition field to open his cleanse headquarters/juice bar Real Raw Live in a hip and happening Hollywood enclave. Real Raw Live is changing the way people eat with super foods and functional cuisine. This also led him to develop his own line of supplements called The 6 Essentials, HolistiCleanses, and his best-selling nutritional supplement, Fat Burning Lemonade™, which turns your body into a fat burning machine. The always open door of this storefront oasis synergized Greg to the community and, subsequently, the world.


Melding his two decades of A-List Hollywood star training with a combination of Tony Robbins’ influence as a public speaker and Richard Simmons’ tough yet nurturing charisma for inspiring everyday people to take better care of their bodies, Gregory Joujon-Roche is armed with all the right tools to help others help themselves. “I instill lifetime values within people,” he explains. “I give them a body of work they can count on for the rest of their lives. I want to bring the same one on one feel that I shared with Leonardo Dicaprio and Gwen Stefani on a grander scale of Mass Customization –  ‘Every Body is A Star!’ I have a singular vision on fitness and a lot to say about it.”

Born in California and raised by his mother in a liberal commune-like community on the North Shore of the island of Kauai in Hawaii, Gregory Joujon-Roche embraced nature, fitness and the “Aloha Spirit” of people connected as one. His first foray into physical fitness stemmed from his interest in martial arts which he began at age 11, swiftly taking in multiple disciplines including Karate and Kung Fu. He ran gyms and got certified through the N.A.C.P.T. Greg learned he possessed innate ability and a unique perspective for looking at any body and knowing precisely how to maximize its physical potential.

Greg’s big break came when he was called to train Kevin Huvane who, unbeknownst to Greg at the time, was a super agent to the superstars of Hollywood. “Because I had no agenda (read “ulterior motives”), Kevin developed great trust in me,” Greg explains. “He told me I was such a conscious, smart, normal guy, and that Hollywood people needed people like that in their inner circle. The very next day, he had Demi Moore call me which started a huge 6-month challenge to get her ready for her role in ‘Striptease.’ I blanketed her in well-being from food to training and everything in between. I basically took over her life and transformed her not only for ‘Striptease,’ but prepared her for drastically changing her body again to portray a female Navy Seal in ‘G.I. Jane’ – all the while reassuring her with the self-confidence that we could retrain her body to the thin, girlish figure she loves. Demi was my first celebrity success story – I was on my way!”

In 1994, Greg parlayed his personal business into the elite training company Holistic Fitness. He assembled a 50+ member dream team of specialists that could attend to any number of specific needs an actor and/or their production company needed to produce camera ready physical fabulousness. As word of his successes grew, Greg began training any number of well-to-do, power people – from American business executives with brutal schedules to literally the Sultan of Brunei and the Prince of Saudi, Arabia. “Holistic Rule #1 is ‘YOU are #1!’ If you can’t care for yourself, how can you care for others? Once I got a high powered executive to leave the world alone and give me one full hour for them – with no cell phone, faxes or emails – they became more productive, creative and patient with their companies and employees for the remaining hours of the day.”

Mental states of inspiration, fearlessness and structure funneled through a wealth of human connection, compassion and light comic relief are at the foundation of Greg’s intermediate and advanced systems of self-improvement. Where most people want to get in shape for vanity and surface purposes, Greg re-directs their focus to come at it from the inside out. “I want people to address their physical and eating habits head on and not bring their past baggage into the here and now. I require that they be completely present, focused and on-fire for the time set aside to workout. This way, people find themselves improving in vibrant stages on the road to their total transformation.”

Utilizing the breadth of his hard-won skills as a no-nonsense trainer, stern nutritionist, lifestyle coach, dynamic motivational speaker, conscientious product line developer, savvy businessman and overall fitness visionary, Gregory Joujon-Roche – also now a loving husband, father of two and diehard surfer – has arrived at his own point of self-actualization – THE youthful guru for optimal living.

“Take my hand,” Greg concludes, “and dip your toes into the waters of wellness.”