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We’ve turned actors into superheroes, every day folk into rock stars and shown top executives where real power lives. Here are a sampling of Gregory Joujon-Roche’s Holistic Fitness projects past and present that demonstrate our scope of work and the wide range of clientele. Some projects cannot be listed due to non-disclosure agreements. Please Contact Gregory Joujon-Roche’s Holistic Fitness for a complete list of current and industry credits.

Leonardo DiCaprio ~ The Departed

David Morisey ~ Basic Instinct 2

Tobey Maguire ~Spiderman & Spiderman Three, Great Gatsby

Bon Jovi ~ Current World Tour

Melanie Chishlom ~ No Reason

James Franco ~ Tristan and Isolde, Scottfree Productions

Brad Pitt ~ Troy, Warner Bros.

Pink ~ New Album

Rachael Weisz ~ Run Away Juror, Columbia Pictures &
Constantine, Warner Bros.

Ellen Degeneres~ Ellen

Brooke Burke ~ Dancing with the Stars

Pierce Brosnan ~ Die Another Day

Josh Charles ~ SWAT, Columbia Pictures

Michael Chiklis ~ The Shield, FX Productions

Gisele ~ Victoria’s Secret & various projects

Ethan Hawke ~ Gattaca

Ray Liotta ~ Various film projects

Anne Heche ~ Various films

Courtney Love ~ Celebrity Skin & various projects

Petra Nemcova ~ A Models Life

Julianna Margulies ~ Ghost Ship

Demi Moore ~ Striptease, GI Jane & various film projects

Kevin Spacey ~ The Life of David Gayle

Gwen Stefani ~ Return of Saturn & various projects

Avril Lavign ~ Pasts albums and current .

Micheal C Hall ~ Six Seasons of Dexter

Peter Krause ~ Six Feet Under/ Parenthood

Trent Reznor ~ Social Network